Visual Analytics. Linguistics. Machine Learning.

Main Contributors

Other Contributors...

Menna El-Assady

Role: Initiator and Lead
Research Interests: Explainable AI

Fabian Sperrle

Role: Backend and DevOps
Research Interests: Guidance

Rita Sevastjanova

Role: Frontend and Backend
Research Interests: Language Modeling

Wolfgang Jentner

Role: DevOps and Infrastructure
Research Interests: Pattern Mining

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Discourse Analysis.

Question Interfaces

Question Classification and Analysis.


Argumentation Analysis for Deliberative Democracy.

Topic Modeling

Visual Analytics for Mixed-Initiative Topic Modeling.


Augmented Deliberative Democracy.


Tranfer Effects in Language Learning.

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Presidential Debates

This website gives a unique view into the US presidential debates between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton from different perspectives based on the oral minutes.